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Memories of a Warlord
The sword flew from Azhmari’s hand as his trainer’s blow connected with a shower of sparks and the sound of clashing steel. The follow-up to the blow was vicious, tearing into the boy’s chest and stomach and splattering the training arena with blood, as Azhmari went to his knees, hard. His hair descended around his eyes like a red mane, and he looked through the strands as he pulled himself to his feet.  Images of the Adeptus Astartes of the Raven Guard, the sworn protectors of Ubervald, loomed over him from the carved ceiling as the boy’s vision swam. The enormous man, a trainer for those who would join the blessed demigods and spread the Emperor’s reach to the the stars was covered in scars that formed a mesh over his roped muscle. He strode across the arena, as Azhmari, last son of the house Vulkyr, and tribute to the Ravens when next they blessed the world with their presence, bared his teeth, fighting against the urge to give in to the dizziness
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Memories of a Psychopath
In all his days after his ascension, thousands of years of service to the Emperor, and even long after, Kulstov had always hated the many suns he saw. In Nostramo, the sky was mercifully dark all year round. The people were used to it, and in the midnight streets of the great city, criminals seethed like a swarm of rats. The Night Haunter had struck back with godlike power and seemingly magical technology, but some had always slipped through the gaps. Among those degenerate few, Kulstov, a killer since the age of ten, had stalked the streets.
Kulstov didn’t know what had happened to him, but he knew that something was broken  from a very young age. When another child had stolen his favorite toy, he strangled her in a strangely impassive way, watching the girl’s face and lips turn blue in the cool night air.
Nostramo was filled to the bursting, both with criminals and their victims and the homeless unfortunates that littered the streets, and by the time he was a year ol
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Memories of a Hunter
The Imperial Cleric Vorien hung, trembling, from the ceiling of the chamber, as he watched the hulking figure make preparations and whisper vile prayers in the darkness. He knew that he was far from the Emperor’s light, and even now, in the freezing darkness of the Astartes’ chamber, he could not let his heart grow weak. He could not show fear.
The attack on the planet had come quickly and without warning, the enormous black battle-barge filling the sky with a crackling flash of warp-energy. They had descended in drop-pods, like a swarm of obsidian darts fired toward the planet. Hulking monsters, a cursed parody of the image of the holy Astartes had emerged, wearing spiked armor of pitch-black, decorated with lightning, and winged skulls. Vorien had heard stories of the traitor legions, and even though some of the regular Astartes had instilled fear into him with their strange beliefs and ways, he had always clung to the fact that they were the chosen of the Emperor. It had
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The Sacrament
The first thing that hit Father Lochland as he entered the confessional booth was the smell. It wasn’t that he was unused to bad smells, far from it. Working in the slums of Detroit had more than numbed him to scent of humanity, as it wafted through the stale, night air. St. Anthony’s Church stood alone, amid the crumbling buildings of the district, a single spire reaching up into the sky from the desolation of urban decay. At this hour of the night it attracted a wide variety of people, some faithful, some simply seeking shelter from the cold, and it turned none of them away. St. Anthony was well known as a patron of the lost, and it wasn’t something that father Lochland took lightly.
The smell was something different than the usual miasma of alcohol and sweat that surrounded the unfortunates that came to the place. It was different, sickeningly sweet, cloying and somehow sticky. For a split second, Father Lochland feared that he might catch something, then immediate
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The Clockwork Choir
‘Do you think they have souls, Japetti? Do you think they enjoy being in such artificial shells?’ asked Augustus. The two men stood in the darkened cathedral that Augustus had purchased to use as his studio. The man was an artist, of that there was no doubt, but even after two years, Japetti had never gotten used to his client’s eccentricities. The place was devoid of artificial light,  lit only by candles that twinkled in the gloom like stars. The only other light source was the moon, which shone through the red-tinted windows, painting the contraption they stood before in an even more ghoulish light.
‘Don’t change the subject, Manya,’ Japetti said, trying to pick out the details of the device in the dense shadows. ‘This is excessive, even by your standards.  Exactly what do you hope to accomplish with this grotesque experiment?’
It was difficult to study Maestro Augustus Manya’s face, which was covered in a strange, expr
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